French Words You Use Without Knowing It – The Combined Book PDF, EPUB

Vous pouvez reconnaître les deux parties de ce mot: chauve signifie «chauve» et souris signifie «souris». Et que pourrait être une souris chauve, demandez-vous.

ISBN: 1463564236.

Nom des pages: 196.

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Most English speakers are unaware that probably half their language comes from French, or indeed is French, recently transplanted. This book tells you the fascinating stories of English words that came from French, often words you would never have dreamt were French (like curtsy, mutton, very, surrender, important, grenade, pistol and dozen). It tells you how these words evolved, how they arrived in English, and how they changed once in English.

This is not a book with useful facts to memorize (although you’ll learn a lot of French and a lot about French while you read). However, it’s interesting. It’s fun to read. It will stretch your mind and introduce you to things you never imagined. Think of these fascinating stories as a little treat for yourself when you feel like reading something interesting.


I have to tell you, This Book is So Much Fun to Read! — Catherine Ostrow, Lecturer, Wesleyan.

I was discussing your book with my husband (who doesn’t speak French), telling him about all the French he already speaks without knowing it. It is indeed a lot of fun to read. — Prof. Brigitte Humbert, Middlebury.

I found it, like the others, really useful. Nice work! The whole series is impressive. — Prof. Jonathan Walsh, Wheaton.

What a marvelous book! Bravo and keep up the good work! –- Prof. Ruth Koizim, Yale.

I really like it! I am impressed with the amount of research you put into your books. —- Prof. John Turvaville, U. of Tenn.

As a professor of French, I found your book fascinating. I like to give students this type of background. — Prof Richard Duran, Baylor U..

I read your book, a tonic in between undergrad lit papers! It’s clearly written and well researched. I did enjoy it. — Prof. Herta Rodina, Ohio U.


I think your books are wonderful. You have made a fantastic contribution to the French language profession. — Prof. Judy Baughin, Raymond Walters College.

You have done a real service to learners of French…This is important work. — Prof. John Romeiser, U. of Tenn..

I have to say your Key Words and Expressions is just the kind of book I would have liked to have had when I was teaching myself French oh-so-many years ago. — Prof John Moran, NYU.

If you really want to learn spoken French, you need this book (Key Words). You’ll need other books as well, you’ll need audio materials, and you’ll need live language experience. But this book is a necessity. —- reader reviewer, amazon.

I love the Faux Amis, especially the relaxed, conversational presentation. —- Professor Norman Shapiro, Wesleyan U.

Your little books are great! —- Prof. AG Fralin, Washington and Lee U.

I absolutely *love* Faux Amis…It’s so well done. — Prof. Herta Rodina, Ohio U.

I love your books! They are easy to navigate, and they are extremely useful to non-native French speakers. —- Prof. John Turvaville, U. of Tenn..

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this book (Key Words) is that it took until 2007 for anyone to think of writing it! —- reader reviewer

The books are excellent.—- Prof. Luke Bouvier, U. Mass, Amherst

I’ve been perusing Key Words for the past couple of days and it’s great fun… What a great idea for a book! — Prof. Herta Rodina, Ohio U.

This (Key Words) is easily one of the best and most important French resources I own (and I’ve got dozens of them)… It’s amazing, absolutely amazing how this book has improved my understanding of spoken French. – reader reviewer,

This book (Rules for the Gender of French Nouns) is a solid reference. I wish Rosenthal had written his book twenty years ago when I was a student. – Stephen Hedge, review in « The French Review ».

Il vient de fondre, « fondre », et fondu signifie « fondu ». C’est sonder. L’Internet suggère que ce n’est peut-être pas un vrai mot, de toute façon, le concept est beau. 3. Solivagant (adj.) Origine: Latin Définition: Errant seul. Pour la plupart d’entre eux, c’est un honneur de figurer parmi les révoltes des Enfants du Roi.

En français, chaise longue signifie littéralement «chaise longue». Maintenant, écrivez des expressions en tranches pour extraire des mots individuels. (C’est évidemment. Wheeler) Cliquez ici pour la transcription et la traduction. Ils ont besoin d’encouragements continus ainsi que des éloges pour une bonne performance, comme tout succès motive.